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Valve’s Gabe Newell Reiterates Steam Linux Support

By now you're likely aware that Steam support is coming to Linux. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome to hear it verbally confirmed by Valve themselves, as their managing director Gabe Newell does in this brief video chat with Norwegian site

3 July 2012
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If It’s Good Enough for Valve…

Several weeks back, there was an attempt by myself at an article regarding the prospects and influence Steam would have with Ubuntu. Due to scheduling issues the article never saw the light of day. Unfortunate, […]

25 April 2012
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Valve Posts Job Listing For Linux Software Engineer

In a turn of events not unlike we've seen before, Valve has posted a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer to work on their "highly available digital distribution platform" Steam. However, unlike past job postings which have mentioned Linux and left some ambiguity as to what exactly Valve might be working on in this area, this posting clearly says the word "games" in one of the responsibilities out of the six listed.

18 January 2012
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Remnants of the Week

All sorts of crazy tips came in over this last week, but rather then send barrages of tiny news, here's the whole group at once!

13 September 2010