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Multi-Monitor Fixes for Unity 2D Heading to Precise

Ubuntu 12.04 user? Look out for an update coming shortly that brings with it some much needed fixes to the Unity 2D interface.

13 March 2013

Unity 2D Removed from Ubuntu 12.10

Unity 2D, the light-weight counterpart to Ubuntu's Unity interface, has been retired from Ubuntu 12.10. In an update released yesterday Unity 2D was removed and users set to auto-login to the session transitioned over to regular Unity. The 2D version of Unity has been used as a fallback for users whose computers lack sufficient graphical grunt to run the '3D' version.

16 August 2012
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[How To] Adjust Size of Unity 2D Launcher and Icons

Unity 2D has never been quite as customisable as its older, resoruce-hungry relative. And although this ‘gulf’ will be reduced slightly in the forthcoming release of Ubuntu 12.04, there still won’t be options for the […]

21 March 2012
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Unity 2D Tweaking Tool Adds Minor New Options

Users of Unity 2D might not be able to tweak as much of their desktop as those running the resource-requiring 3D version, but options are available - and third party tweak too 2D Desktop Settings lets you adjust many parts of the Unity 2D desktop.

11 March 2012
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HUD Lands in Unity 2D

The feature parity between Ubuntu and its Qt counterpart Unity 2D shrinks ever smaller with the arrival of Precise's flagship 'HUD' feature introduced to Unity 2D.

5 March 2012
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[How To] Change Unity-2D Launcher Color and Opacity

The pace of development on Ubuntu’s Unity interface sees ever-more options added to it, much to the delight of tweakers everywhere. But for Unity-2D, the lighter and less resource intensive version of Unity, customisation options […]

11 February 2012
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[How To] Make Unity’s Launcher GNOME-Shell Friendly

The expression ‘Have your cake and eat it‘ springs to mind when looking at the following GNOME-Shell tweak put together by Tobias Mann. ‘Unitary GNOME’ lets you run a modified version of the Unity 2D […]

15 January 2012
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Unity 2D Tweak App Updated for 11.10

Users of Ubuntu's Unity 2D desktop - the lighter, less resource hungry version of Unity - might wish to tweak certain part of their desktop - such as when or how the Launcher hides. '2D-Desktop Settings' is a small third-party tool that provides users with a simple way to do just that

19 October 2011
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Revamped Dash Design Shown Off for Ubuntu 11.10

Changes to the way the Unity Dash looks and behaves in Ubuntu 11.10 are on the way. In the Unity 2D development branch some of this work can already be seen. Better still we're told much of the same design is planned for regular 'ol Unity.

11 August 2011
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Unity 2D lands in Oneiric daily build

Unity 2D, the Qt-based non-accelerated version of Ubuntu's Unity interface, has landed in the Ubuntu 11.10 daily builds.

27 May 2011
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Unity 2D PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 users

So you're still on Ubuntu 10.10 but you don't want to miss out entirely on the "new" Unity experience. What's the best way to experience Unity in Maverick? During the early development of Unity 2D - the less hardware-hungry version of Unity that uses Qt - Ubuntu 10.10 users were able to install Unity 2D for development purposes via a PPA. Understandably, the back-porting stopped as Natty got nearer.

19 May 2011
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[How to] Run KDE Plasma Widgets in Ubuntu Unity

Bring the rich world of Plasma widgets into Ubuntu 11.04.

4 May 2011