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Ubuntu Unity 2D tweaking tool lets you adjust the Launcher, Dash & enable compositing

A 2D, less resource hungry version of Ubuntu Unity is available for installation in Ubuntu 11.04 - but can it be tweaked, configured and adjusted like its elder 3D-toting sibling? Mariano Chavero mailed us news of a small yet simple 'tweaking tool' he has created specifically for Ubuntu Unity 2D users that makes the few tweaking options available easier for users to access.

24 April 2011

Unity 2D: A quick look at the latest updates

Ubuntu Unity's "non-accelerated" sibling Unity 2D has began to play UI catch-up with its older brother. Peek in for images and video.

22 March 2011
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Unity 2d’s new design in motion [Video]

Unity 2D - the Qt implementation of Ubuntu's Unity interface that doesn't require 3D graphic drivers, etc. - is advancing apace. In this video you can see just how slick Unity's little sibling is looking...

24 February 2011
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How to make the Unity 2D launcher transparent in Ubuntu 10.10

Unity 2D users (or rather, 'testers' since it's still very much in development) bored of the solid bar launcher background can, with a bit of jiggery-pokery, get a fully transparent version.

16 February 2011

Workspaces come to Unity 2D

Fans and followers of Unity 2D - the less hardware intensive Qt-using version of Unity currently in development - may be pleased to see that 'workspaces' have arrived in the latest builds. Take a peek at how it looks in this short video.

11 February 2011
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Ubuntu Unity 2D gets a PPA for Maverick and Natty testers

The slick Unity 2D we told you about yesterday has now got a PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04 users to test.

15 January 2011