Before we begin with the boring stuff let me say that I am in no-way, shape or form advising you to download the Oneiric daily build – it’s not even in Alpha yet!

Ahem. Back to work, Joey.

Unity 2D, the Qt-based non-accelerated version of Ubuntu’s Unity interface, has landed in the Ubuntu 11.10 daily builds.

Why is this notable? Unity 2D will be supplanting the current “Ubuntu classic” session in Ubuntu 11.10, meaning that for hundreds of thousands of users unable or not wanting to run the composited version of the Unity desktop Unity 2D will become their ‘default’ desktop experience.

With development of Ubuntu 11.10 only just beginning to kick into gear Unity 2D, along with Unity proper, will be improved and refined from the versions currently available in Ubuntu 11.04.

The latest Oneiric Daily Builds can be downloaded @

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