pangolin toy
Ubuntu 12.04 was codenamed “Precise Pangloin”

Ubuntu 12.04 user? Look out for an update coming shortly that brings with it some much needed fixes to the Unity 2D interface.

Multi-monitor fixes make up the bulk of the updates, including:

  • Removing an app launcher now affects all launchers
  • Pips update correctly across launchers
  • Dash once again maximises on multi-monitors set-ups
  • Window focus panel bug fixed

Other fixes include:

  • Invisible system tray items nixed
  • Dragging a file no longer affects Launcer auto-hide
  • Launcher once again responds to changes in icon theme

While none of these changes are going to redefine the computing experience they will nevertheless be appreciated updates to those using Unity 2D on Ubuntu’s most recent Long Term Support release.

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