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Three Years Ago Today Ubuntu Made Its Biggest Gamble

It's three years to the day since Canonical launched the most audacious crowdfunding campaign in history.

22 July 2016

Ubuntu Edge Campaign Ends, Fails to Reach $32m Target

Canonical's crowd-funding campaign has failed in its bid to secure $32m, ending its 30 day run just over 40% of its overall goal.

22 August 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing And Pledge to Ubuntu Edge

With $20+ million left the success of the Ubuntu Edge is down to people like you - those who've yet to pledge. Here's 5 reasons why might you want to get behind the project.

19 August 2013

Did Stephen Fry Just Back The Ubuntu Edge Crowd-Funding Campaign?

British comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry has, seemingly, backed the Ubuntu Edge campaign.

17 August 2013

$32 Million Or Not: 5 Reasons Why Ubuntu Edge Is Already A Success

If the Ubuntu Edge fails to meet its $32m goal will it have really failed? Here are 5 compelling successes the project can be proud of making.

16 August 2013

Ubuntu Edge Campaign Passes $10 Million in Pledges

Over $10 million has now been pledged to the Ubuntu Edge crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo. The figure, some $22 million short of Canonical's required $32 million goal, is made up by contributions from over 21,000 backers.

14 August 2013

Mark Shuttleworth ‘Not Giving Up’ On Hitting $32m Ubuntu Edge Goal

Mark Shuttleworth has thanked backers of the Ubuntu Edge campaign but says that neither he nor Canonical are 'giving up' on hitting their audacious crowd-funding goal yet.

13 August 2013

Do You Think The Ubuntu Edge Campaign Will Reach Its Goal? [Poll]

Do you think the Ubuntu Edge will be rolling off the production line in May 2014? Or do you think this entire effort will result in nothing?

10 August 2013

Ubuntu Edge Price Lowered Again, Now Fixed At $695

Canonical have, once again, lowered the price of an Ubuntu Edge - but this time they say it'll be sticking. So, if you have a spare $695...

8 August 2013

Bloomberg Pledge $80,000 to Ubuntu Edge Campaign

Bloomberg, the revered US-based financial information & news service, has pledged a record $80,000 to the Ubuntu Edge campaign on IndieGoGo.

7 August 2013

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Passes $8 Million Mark

Over $8 million has now be raised towards the development and production of Canonical's innovative 'Ubuntu Edge' super-phone.

2 August 2013

LastPass Premium Plans To Be Bundled with Ubuntu Edge

LastPass, one of the web's most popular password management services, is backing Ubuntu Edge - and its backers.

1 August 2013