ubuntuedge1Canonical have, once again, lowered the price of the Ubuntu Edge super-phone – but this time they say it’ll be sticking.

‘From now until the end of the campaign, we’re fixing the price of the Ubuntu Edge at $695,’ they say in an announcement on the IndieGoGo page, adding that no further price changes will be coming. 

I recently spoke to The Verge about the campaign and highlighted the inconsistent pricing structure as my main worry for it, fearing that it was putting many would-be backers off.

While today’s price change may be coming just over halfway through the campaign, it is better late than never.

Yo-Yo Pricing

During the last two weeks the Ubuntu Edge has been available to “pre-buy” (or planned to be offered) at the following pledge amounts:

  • $600 
  • $625
  • $675
  • $725
  • $780
  • $790
  • $800
  • $810
  • $820

Today’s news means that, at $695, it’s the fourth cheapest pledge option so far – which is great news for those who like to watch their pennies.

‘Now Cheaper To Make’

But why $695? And why now? Apparently we can thank Bloomberg.

Canonical say that yesterday’s $80,000 pledge from Bloomberg LP means they now ‘expect more businesses to follow suit.’ If all 50 Enterprise perks sell it will add another $4 million to the money raised so far.

But the ‘real savings’, Canonical say, come from negotiations with component suppliers who are ‘keen to see the Edge reach its goal’. These savings mean that the Ubuntu Edge can be produced for less money than originally estimated,

So from now until the end of the campaign in a fortnight’s time the Ubuntu Edge will cost just $695.

Canonical will refund the difference to those who have already pledged at one of the other price points above this ($725, $750, $830, etc) at the end of the campaign.

Will it be enough to see the project through ot its $32 million goal? Will you be backing it at this new price? Let us know in the comments below!

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