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LastPass Premium Plans To Be Bundled with Ubuntu Edge

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

aslsaLastPass, one of the web’s most popular password management services, is backing Ubuntu Edge – and its backers.

A one-year subscription to the service will come bundled with every Ubuntu Edge device “bought” during the campaign.

Joe Siegrist, CEO of LastPass, says that their service ‘is an excellent match for a converged device’ like the Ubuntu Edge.

Adding, “Ubuntu Edge is pushing the boundaries of mobile devices as we know them, introducing the best hardware and most innovative software and convergence capabilities.”

Having never used Lastpass or Lastpass Premium I can’t vouch for its usefulness (though I’m sure many of you can do so in the comments).

But it is promising to see companies back the Ubuntu Edge – something the campaign is going to need a lot more of in the coming weeks if its goal of $32 million is to be reached.

You can help by pledging as little (or as much!) as you like to the campaign by hitting the link below.

Back Ubuntu Edge on IndieGoGo