Theming support has landed in the the latest release of our new favourite task/to-do manager Nitro.

Eight themes are included in all, with skins for Ubuntu’s Ambiance and Radiance themes likely to be of particular interest to Ubuntu users.

Nitro Tasks Ambiance

Other themes provided support GNOME 3’s default theme Adwaita and the elementary GTK theme.

Also cropping up is a ‘clone’ of the Wunderlist interface and – with its tongue placed firmly in its cheek – a pink-tinged Justin Bieber skin for Beliebers out there.

nitro themes

‘Ubuntu One Sync Likely’

We’ve coverd NitroTask in greater detail before, but to recap its feature set:

  • Date-based Smart Lists
  • Support for Task notes
  • Drag and drop reordering/adding to lists
  • Priority tags
  • Search feature
  • ‘Log Book’ listing all completed tasks
  • ‘Low Graphics’ mode for better performance
  • Various language support
  • Theme support
Sync support is still missing, but probably not for long: the lead developer of Nitro has said that ‘Ubuntu one’ integration is looking ‘very likely’.


Nitro, which is also available as a webapp for Chrome/ium, is provided for Ubuntu users by way of a PPA. A source package for the more adventurous is also available for download.

All of the relevant information on installing/downloading Nitro can be found @

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