Play embedded flash videos in Firefox with Totem using the ‘Flash Video Replacer’ add-on.

Once the extension is installed (and you’ve restarted Firefox for the installation to take effect) Flash Video Replacer (abbreviated to FVR from hereon in) will prompt you for an action every time a Flash video is detected.

Replace flash video with totem

‘Embedded’, ‘new tab’, ‘new windows’ and ‘standalone’ are the available options. You can specify the default action to be taken via the VPR preferences window.

‘Embedded’ does as it says and replaces the embedded player on the site with Totem (or any other compatible media player).

Personally I had the most success when choosing ‘Standalone’.


This ‘solution’ for the Flash-fearing is not elegant or quick. You will usually have to wait 20 seconds or more for a video to begin playing in your chosen method so patience is one cost.

Another draw back, albeit superficial, concerns the the appearance of the video frame when ’embedded’. Vimeo, pictured below, didn’t display with much poise.


Download/install the Firefox Extension @

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