Evolution Mirror is a Mozilla Sunbird extension designed to sync your Sunbird/Google Calendar appointments with the GNOME clock applet.


Note you will also need to install python-evolution

  • sudo apt-get install python-evolution

Install the extension by downloading it and then going to Sunbird > Addons > Install

How to set up Google Calendar in Mozilla Sunbird
To enable Google Calendar sync with Sunbird do the following: –

  • File > New Calendar
  • Select ‘On the Network‘ and click next.
  • Choose the CalDAV option
  • Enter the following URL in the location bar: –


  • Select ‘Next’ and enter a name for your calendar.
  • Choose a colour too, if you so wish.
  • Sunbird will prompt you to enter your Google credentials. Do so.
  • Sunbird will then sync with Google Calendar – this can freeze the application for a little whilse so don’t worry.
  • If you have appointments in your GCal account you’ll now see them in the GNOME clock applet, too!
Thanks to Ashutosh Rishi
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