Docky developer supremo Jason Smith shared a small tweak to enable Cover Art on your Docky dock – complete with countdown badge – in the comments of previous Docky post.

The “hack” is simple and whilst this feature is disabled by default for a reason, it’s worth enabling just to peek at and disabling again if you don’t like it.

This feature is a Banshee exclusive currently and requires the Banshee control extension to be enabled.

Enable Cover Art in Docky
  • Open a terminal.
  • Depending on where you have Docky installed, punch in: –
  • sudo gedit /usr/local/share/docky/helpers/
  • or
  • sudo gedit /usr/share/docky/helpers/
  • Find the 25th and 26th lines. These read: –

  • Change them both from ‘False’ to ‘True’. (Note the capitalized first letter)
  • Restart Docky. Open Banshee. Play a track.
  • You’ll seethe Banshee icon change to the cover art for the playing track.

As cautioned above, this was disabled for a reason. I noticed a few glitches now and again – mostly with artwork getting stuck or Banshee not reverting back to its own icon after closing. None of these threaten the stability of your system, but they’re worth nothing anyhow.

thanks to Jason Smith
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