imageWe exclusively told you last week that a "refresh" (I.E. a new alpha version) of Adobe’s Flash Plugin for 64bit Linux was going to be released on the 8th of December and lo and behold – it was!


Download the new flash plug-in @

OMG!Ubuntu! reader and fellow blogger HumphreyBC goes over installation in a bit more depth on his blog, but for simplicity’s sake it’s as easy as pie: –

  • Extract the archive from the download link above.
  • Close all browsers.
  • Hit ALT+F2 and type gksu nautilus /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer
  • This will open up a new window.
  • Copy and paste the extracted file into this folder, overwriting the current version.

If you have Firefox installed you will also need to install the plugin to the following folder.

  • Hit Alt+F2 and type gksu nautilus /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
  • Paste the same file into this folder, again agreeing to overwrite the current version
Thanks to HBC!
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