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Thunderbird 5 hits beta, gets PPA

The first beta release of Thunderbird 5, the next version of Mozilla's desktop e-mail application, has been made available for testing.

7 June 2011
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(Another) Thunderbird Unity extension for Ubuntu 11.04

Display unread messages in Thunderbird thanks to a new experimental extension by Huahe, best of all, you don't need an alpha version of Thunderbird to use it either.

31 May 2011
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Thunderbird on track to be default e-mail app in Ubuntu 11.10

A strong case for switching the default e-mail application from Evolution to Thunderbird was given at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, with a provisional decision in switching to it for Oneiric, subject to a set of criteria being met made.

12 May 2011
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Thunderbird Unity Launcher extension available to Ubuntu 11.04 64bit, more users

The Ubuntu Unity Launcher extension for Thunderbird is now available for x64 bit Ubuntu users.

29 March 2011
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Ubuntu One Contacts sync heading to Thunderbird

Mozilla's Mike Conley's quest to integrate Thunderbird and Ubuntu continues apace. Following Messaging Menu and Unity launcher support comes news of impending Ubuntu One contacts sync.

16 March 2011
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Thunderbird Unity extension for Natty ready for testing

Thunderbird fans: Do remember we shared news of Mike Conley’s neat Unity Launcher + Thunderbird integration a few days back?

14 March 2011
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Thunderbird getting some Unity love

Thunderbird fans should flap with joy: the e-mail app is getting some Unity launcher love courtesy of Mozilla Messaging's Mike Conley.

10 March 2011
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Thunderbird Messaging Menu integration ready for testing

Work on integration between Mozilla's e-mail client Thunderbird and the Ubuntu Messaging Menu is made available for public testing.

23 February 2011
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Easily Integrate Thunderbird into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Thunderbird users seeking out native notifications and interactive integration with their Ubuntu desktop need look no further than this neat add-on.

26 September 2010
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Messaging Menu support for Thunderbird is coming

The Narwhal may have only just gotten a name but it’s already going to please users of Mozilla’s ‘Thunderbird’ e-mail client: Messaging Menu integration is coming. For the moment users wishing to get Thunderbird messaging menu integration […]

18 August 2010
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How to add Thunderbird to the Ubuntu messaging menu

This method is now out-dated. See — Many Ubuntu users don’t use the default Ubuntu mail application Evolution and prefer to swap it out with popular alternative Mozilla Thunderbird. Sadly, for Ubuntu 10.04 users, this […]

2 May 2010
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Display Thunderbird Unread Count On Docky

‘Docky Unread Count’ for Thunderbird adds an unread e-mail count badge onto your Thunderbird icon in Docky. The add-on uses the Docky Dbus API to add the badge so there’s nothing to install or compile […]

5 February 2010