thunderbird 60 logoAn updated version of the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client is now available to download.

Thunderbird 60.5 carries a modest set of improvements, including integrated support for the third-party WeTransfer‘ file sharing service.

WeTransfer allows users to send files of up to 2GB in size for free, without any registration. When attempting to send a large attachment with an email Thunderbird 60.5 will suggest the user shares the file using the WeTransfer service.

Minor Improvements

Elsewhere, the email client gains support for adding OpenSearch search engines from a local XML file; adds DuckDuckGo and Google as default search engine in specific locales; and ‘…is now compatible with WebExtension-based FileLink add-ons like the Dropbox add-on.’

Finally, users with email based on the Microsoft Exchange protocol get a helping hand during account creation. Thunderbird 60.5 will automatically detect when a server uses the Microsoft Exchange protocol and prompt the user to install the third-party ‘Owl for Exchange‘ add-on that provides support for the protocol.

As expected, the release also ships with a number of key security vulnerabilities patched.

Get Thunderbird 60.5

Thunderbird 60.5 is available to download right now from the official Thunderbird website. Full installers are provided for macOS and Windows desktops, and binaries (32bit and 64bit) offered for Linux.

If you’re running Ubuntu (or an Ubuntu-based distro like Linux Mint) this update will be available via standard software updates at some point in the coming weeks — so keep an eye out!

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