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Is Emotional Adventure Epic ‘Papo and Yo’ Heading to Linux?

Hit indie game 'Papo & Yo', which proved a hit on the Playstation Network last year, could be heading to Linux.

30 November 2013

Get Your (Linux) Game On: Steam Autumn Sale Highlights

Brush away the fluff from under your mouse, crack those knuckles and sound the bargain klaxon – the latest Steam sale is upon us!

29 November 2013
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Total War: Rome II Coming To Linux ‘Early Next Year’

Another week, another top title announces plans to support Linux gaming - this time in the shape of strategy war game Total War: Rome II.

7 November 2013

Metro: Last Light Released on Steam for Linux

Good news gamers: Metro: Last Light is finally available to buy through Steam for Linux priced at £24.99/$39.99.

5 November 2013

Press Get Hands On With Valve ‘Steam Machine’ Prototype

A recent article from US newspaper The Seattle Times offers new details on Valve's plans for bringing Linux gaming to the living room.

4 November 2013

Valve Announcement: The Steam Controller

In the last of three announcements this week, Valve have revealed the Steam Controller for their Steam OS-powered devices.

27 September 2013

Valve Announce Army of ‘Steambox’ Gaming PCs Coming 2014

Valve has announced 'Steam Machines' - gaming PCs designed for the living room and running Steam OS - will hitting the market in 2014.

25 September 2013

Give Steam for Linux an Ubuntu Makeover With This Ambiance Skin

Ever wanted Steam for Linux to look a bit more, well, 'Linux'? With a few clicks this automated hack will give you just that...

24 September 2013

Valve Announce Linux-Based Steam OS

Valve has lifted the lid on Steam OS - a Linux-powered operating system designed 'for the TV and the living room' based around Steam.

23 September 2013

First Valve Announcement Due Later Today

Valve are gearing up for the first of three announcements today - but what might they reveal?

23 September 2013

Valve To Reveal Linux-Powered ‘Steambox’ News Next Week

Valve - the company behind Steam - are to reveal more details on their up-coming Linux-powered 'Steambox' gaming console next week.

16 September 2013

We Review Indie Game Fez on Linux – Is It Worth The Hype?

Whether you’re looking for laid back platforming or artistic verve, indie title FEZ is bound to gain new fans in its Linux debut. Playing as an unidentifiable creature named Gomez, your goal is to find […]

16 September 2013