Metro: Last Light is now available to buy on Steam for Linux, priced at £24.99/$39.99.

The famed FPS games’  arrival was far from secret, having been confirmed as Linux-bound back in mid-August.

But has that lessened the anticipation? Has it heck!

Met with critical acclaim upon its Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3 launch earlier in the year, the post-apocalyptic shooter has been one of the years’ most fancied launches on Linux.

Set in the year 2034 in the Metro stations beneath a nuclear-devastated Moscow, the game sees you pit your wits against both the mutant hordes above and below ground, and the remnants of mankind intent on starting a deadly civil war.

Scary stuff. Owing to its horror, “intense violence” and adult themes, the game is rated Pegi 18 in Europe, and M in the United States.

For more details on the game, including all the relevant purchasing links, fire up the Steam for Linux client or point your browser in the direction of the Metro: Last Light page on the Steam Powered website.

A trailer for the game can be seen below.

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