There are challenging games and then there are challenging games. ‘Papo and Yo‘, which proved a hit on the Playstation Network last year, falls firmly in the latter camp. 

Now, if recent reports are to be believed, Papo and Yo is about to stir the emotions of Linux gamers.

The Story

Papo & Yo isn’t your standard adventure fare, with its story based around that of a young boy’s struggle with his abusive, alcoholic father.

This subject matter makes for less-than-comfortable gaming at times, with an ending often described as being both ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘tragic’. It’s this emotional clout that makes the game stand out from the sea of zombie-infested, glock-reloading shooters around it.

Linux Port?

Minority Media, makers of the fantasy adventure game, are said to be open to the notion of creating a native Linux port of their game, and have asked Linux users interested in seeing it happen to voice their support on Steam.

The game was released on Steam for Windows earlier this year.

In a topic pinned by Minority Media on their Steam page, the team say:

“It’s great to see the enthusiasm for a Linux port! Any more fans day dreaming about Papo & Yo on Linux? Let your voice be heard! :)”

If you’re one of those who’d be interested in seeing the game released on Linux you can chime in with your support in the following thread on Steam:

Papo & Yo Steam Linux Request

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