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Meerkat Software Centre UI continues to evolve adding new look, retweeting apps

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The Ubuntu Software Centre developments for Ubuntu 10.10 are continuing and those users currently testing out Maverick will likely have spotted a more dramatic visual over-haul of the Software Centre of late: –

To break the design down a bit – the layout of ‘Departments’ is excellent and more prominent in this iteration. The ‘featured applications’ section is still animated but looks much better in its new position. As for the ‘What’s new’ section – count me sold! I cannot wait to see applications – ‘new’ applications introduced post-release as we discussed some weeks back – start to populate that. (I also really love that their running with the ‘store’ metaphor)

Another feature now working, which has been present for a wee while, is the ability to ‘tweet’ your favourite applications, complete with apr:url for one-click install via Gwibber directly from the software centre itself. Screenshot-1Screenshot-2

Thanks to Cullen