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Maverick Software centre adds animated apps bar

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Disclaimer: The screenshots and video contained herein are of an ‘in-development’ application and as such do represent nor constitute the final, end product.

The Ubuntu Software Centre continues to excite with it’s development as it errs ever closer to the draft goals.softwarecenter

Today saw a rather exciting new update to the ‘featured apps bar’ we mentioned a few days back– it’s now animated! Sliding through all of the feature apps in turn it is both eye-catching and informative. Cycled applications can be clicked on, arrows allow you to cycle back and forth in case an app catches your eye and the animated bar can be collapsed if so wished.

A great update so early on in the development of the software store this cycle – lets hope there are no issues so it remains for all to gawp at come October.

Video of the animated bar in action. Colours are “off” so squint & pretend the orangey-pink is just orange!

Image credit: Nate Wiebe