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12 Days of Xmas: Day Seven – Ubuntu Software Centre

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

“What?????” people scream.
Serious.” I say back, nodding.

Yes the Ubuntu Software Centre is my 6th favourite application of the year!

It was one of the Karmic Koalas’ big selling points – an easier more efficient way to find and install applications and it certainly did what it set out to do in Karmic – making a saner, calmer, easier to naviagate “add/remove” replacement. 

By Ubuntu 11.04 it will have replaced pretty much ever software installation method – from Synaptic to Gdebi.

The mock-up (subject to change) paints it like so: –

In the mean time we’ll be getting iteration two in Lucid Lynx, bringing with it:

  • Non-Application package management presented in an “understandable way”
  • Subcategories for applications 
  • Non-Application packages such as fonts, screensavers, etc
  • Review and rating system
  • Apt-URL launches Software Centre on appropriate screen
  • Instructions on where to find the launcher for your newly installed apps

It may not be the fabled one-stop-shop just yet, but for taking its first tentative steps on the road of redefining software installation, the USC gets a pat on the back from us.