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kde neon

KDE Neon to Support Snap Apps in Plasma Discover

Ubuntu-based KDE Neon is one the Linux distros we’re most excited for this year — and with good reason. The distro combines the stability of Ubuntu’s latest LTS foundations with the latest (and, if you want […]

10 February 2017
ubuntu 14.04 tile

You Can Now Install Snap Apps on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Snappy, Canonical's new app distribution and package management system, is now available to users running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

1 February 2017
keepassxc logo

How to Install Password Management App KeePassXC on Ubuntu

KeePassXC, a community fork of the KeePassX password manager, is now available to install on Ubuntu as a Snap package.

23 January 2017

Ubuntu Phone on Pause? No New Devices, No Major Updates Planned (Updated)

No new Ubuntu phones are in the pipeline, and existing devices won't get major new updates. Is Ubuntu Phone dead? The answer is a little complicated…

5 January 2017

6 Essential Ubuntu Snap Commands You Should Know

Snapd is the “behind the scenes” machinery that lets you install, update and run Snap apps on Ubuntu. Snapd 2.18 was recently released. It introduces a couple of new Snap commands, and improves on a few old ones. […]

14 December 2016
box of apps

4 Snap Apps You Can Install on Ubuntu Right Now

In the mood to read a quick round-up of a some popular desktop Linux apps that are now available to install as Snappy apps?  Me too, so I wrote one. For the purposes of this post (read: cos i’m lazy) […]

29 November 2016

What’s In Store for Unity 8 in Ubuntu 17.04 (And Beyond)

Over the next few release cycles Ubuntu developers plan to refine, hone and add to the Unity 8 desktop. So, what's planned for Unity 8 in Ubuntu 17.04?

16 November 2016
telegram logo

How To Use Telegram from the Command Line

All weekend I’ve been itching to write about telegram-cli, a command-line interface to the Telegram messaging service. It’s something I’m keen to write about because the Wi-Fi in the coffee shop I regularly visit is a bit… […]

23 October 2016
ubuntu apps on a shelf

Ubuntu Software Can Now Show Screenshots of Snap Apps

Ubuntu Software is now able to show app screenshots for desktop Snap apps, just like it can for apps in the standard Ubuntu archive and in PPAs.

3 October 2016

Run Your Own Private Ubuntu Cloud with the Nextcloud Box

Most of us love using the cloud. It gives us on-the-go-access to our personal files, photos and documents, and helps keep our busy lives in sync.   But loving the cloud doesn’t mean you have […]

16 September 2016
snapd logo

Snapd 2.11 Released With New Commands, Interfaces

A shiny new version of snapd, the service that powers Canonical's 'Snap' packaging format, is now available.

4 August 2016
VLC Snap Install

This is Why The ‘Snap Find’ Command No Longer Works on Ubuntu

It's no longer possible to see a list of Snap apps at the command line by running the 'snap find' command. This is why.

4 August 2016