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Shotwell 0.15 Released, Adds Color Adjustment Pasting, Various Fixes

Shotwell, the premier photo management app for Linux, has just seen a new update pushed out by Yorba, the development team behind it.

4 October 2013

Multi-Account Support Added to Linux E-Mail App ‘Geary’

A new release of desktop e-mail app Geary is now available, and adds a number of significant improvements over previous versions.

20 March 2013

Shotwell 0.14 Released With Improved RAW Handling, Facebook Upload Tweaks

A new release of photo management and editing tool 'Shotwell' is available for download. Primarily focusing on fixes, Shotwell 0.14 brings numerous improvements including improved RAW support & Facebook upload tweaks.

19 March 2013
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New Shotwell Release Adds Tumblr Support, Privacy Options

Photo management app Shotwell has received some nifty new features in its most recent update, which saw release today.

20 September 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Adds New Photo Lens

With Ubuntu already boasting dedicated default lenses for Files, Apps, Music and Videos it was inevitable that users photos would also be catered for. Ubuntu 12.10 does just that: Photos can be searched, filtered and viewed through their own lens (unsurprisingly called the 'Photo Lens').

27 August 2012
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Linux Photo Manager Shotwell Updates, Adds Straighten Tool

Ubuntu's default photo manager 'Shotwell' has put out a new release. A new image straightening tool and improved Flickr login are amongst the changes to be found in Shotwell 0.12.

28 March 2012
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New Flickr/Shotwell Photo Lens Seeks Testers

A new photo-orientated Lens for Unity that lets you browse through your Shotwell library and online Flickr collection is seeking testers. The 'Photo Lens' adds an easy-to-access photo-centric pane to your Unity Dash that's powered by two 'Scopes' (search backends) - one for Ubuntu's default photo app Shotwell, and the other for popular online photo service Flickr.

8 January 2012
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Shotwell Launch Daily Builds PPA for Bug Hunters

Calling the bold, the brave and the nosey: the developers of photo-managementapplication Shotwell have launched a daily builds PPA for Ubuntu 11.10. The PPA provides bug hunters and those keen to try pre-release builds with […]

30 October 2011
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Shotwell 0.11.1 “Bug Fix” Release Pushed Out

A minor update to photo management application Shotwell has been pushed out today.

9 September 2011
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Shotwell 0.11 – Now Available For Lucid and Maverick Users

The latest version of photo-management application Shotwell - which added hierarchal tags and BMP support - has been "backported" to Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. Martin Wimpress is the awesome individual who maintains and packages Shotwell in a PPA for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 users.

30 August 2011
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Linux Photo Manager ‘Shotwell’ Updates With Nested Tags, BMP Support, More

A new version of Shotwell, the popular photo management application, has been released with various minor changes.

24 August 2011
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How to Help Test Shotwell 0.11

Are you brave, a Shotwell fan and good at hunting bugs? If so Shotwell needs your help...

19 August 2011