Calling the bold, the brave and the nosey: the developers of photo-managementapplication Shotwell have launched a daily builds PPA for Ubuntu 11.10.

The PPA provides bug hunters and those keen to try pre-release builds with an easy great way to stay on top of the latest changes without having to dive into pulling codefrom far-awayrepositories, or manually compilingthe application.

Why would I want to use a daily builds PPA?

In most cases you wouldn’t. Daily Build PPAs might contain newer features ahead of time, but it will also contain bugs, stability issues and might, occasionally, eat all of your photos.

As such if you intend on using the daily builds PPA it’s wise to make a back-up of your ~/.shotwell folder AND your Pictures folder before installing the pre-release version of Shotwell.

How do I add the daily builds PPA?

Add the following PPA to your Software Sources: –


Any bugs you find whilst using Shotwell from the Daily Builds PPA should bereported here.

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