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A beginners tour of Shotwell – Ubuntu’s new photo manager

Ubuntu 10.10 will see the much-derided F-Spot pushed out of the frame in favour of the lighter, leaner Yorba-developed photo manager/editor app going by the name of ‘Shotwell‘. Whilst we’ve featured Shotwell many times on […]

10 August 2010
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Shotwell 0.6.1 Released – gains RAW, PNG support, preferences dialog, more.

Multimedia application software company Yorba have announced the release of a new version of soon-to-be-default Ubuntu photo manager app Shotwell. This release sees Shotwell gain long-requested support for working with both RAW & PNG images, […]

1 July 2010
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See Ya F-Spot! Shotwell to be default Image App in Ubuntu 10.10

Although F-Spot currently maintains the comfortable position as the default image management and editing application in Ubuntu 10.04, Maverick will see the much-derided application dethroned in favour of photo management application Shotwell. The decision, confirmed […]

13 May 2010
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Shotwell 0.5.0 Released – Gains Tagging, Picasa web support, more

Shotwell is a photo management and editing application that is fast gaining popularity. Today Yorba, the team behind Shotwell, announced the release of version 0.5.0 which sees the application gain many new features including photo […]

16 March 2010
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Shotwell 0.4 Released – Brings Facebook/Flickr Uploading

Version 0.4 of photo management/editing application Shotwell has been released – a day after we featured it as one of our 12 best applications of 2009. Nothing like timing! New Stuff A short overview of […]

24 December 2009
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12 Days of Xmas: Day Six – Shotwell (Plus a peek at Shotwell 0.4!)

I am aware i’m a day or so behind on these, so if you see day seven pop up a bit later you haven’t accidentally lost track of time i’m just trying to keep up! […]

22 December 2009
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Shotwell Image Manager 0.3.0 Reviewed

The official spiel describes Shotwell as an “open source photo organizer” for the GNOME desktop. It is, however, a little bit more than that. Not much, but a little. Photo organization Organization in Shotwell takes […]

9 November 2009