A new version of Shotwell, the popular photomanagementapplication, has been released with various minor changes.

Shotwell 0.11 Hierarchal Tags
Shotwell 0.11 Hierarchal Tags

Amongst the changes present in the 0.11.0 release are: –

  • Hierarchical tags
  • Support for RAW+JPEG and selectable RAW developer
  • “Hide Photos Already Imported” is now persistent
  • New Saved Search options
  • Mimics no longer stored in home directory
  • Support for BMP format
  • Bugfixes

Download Shotwell 0.11.0

Shotwell can be downloaded as source from the developers homepage atyorba.org/shotwell/

Ubuntu 11.04 users are able to upgrade the application by adding the official Shotwell Launchpad PPA atlaunchpad.net/~yorba/+archive/ppa.

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