With Ubuntu 12.04 boasting dedicated default lenses for Files, Apps, Music and Videos it was inevitable that at some point your photos would also be catered for.

So it’s of no surprise to find that Ubuntu 12.10 does just that: Photos can be searched (by name, tag or EXIF data), filtered and viewed through their own lens (unsurprisingly called the ‘Photo Lens’).

The lens pulls in photos stored locally (via Shotwell) as well as images from various online accounts, including Flickr and Facebook.

This means that not only can you search for and see your own photos via the lens but also those of your online contacts, too.

Unity Preview Friendly

Ubuntu 12.10 has seen a number of new features introduced over the last few weeks – from Web App integration to Unity Previews.

And the Photo Lens works especially well with the latter of these:


  • New Photo Lens in 12.10
  • Shows/searches/filters local and online photos
  • Works with Unity Previews

The Unity Photo Lens is installed by default in Ubuntu 12.10.

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