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Quickly upload images to Imgur via Nautilus

Does what it says on the tin. Or in this case menu entry.

19 November 2010
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Use Ubuntu mono icons with any icon theme

Keep a mono-styled tray icons but use any theme set of your choice for the rest of your system.

7 November 2010
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Install Docky Stacks in Ubuntu with one command

One feature in popular Linux Dock application Docky that I personally adore/could no longer live without is ‘Stacks’ – a neat visual approach to displaying files within a folder via the dock. Despite my dependence […]

20 October 2010
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Easy Blu-ray Movie Playback in Linux

Watch Blu-Ray discs in Ubuntu - with next-to-no effort required - thanks to a new script by Scott Duensing.

13 October 2010
Easy Imgur uploading in Ubuntu

Check MD5/SHA256 Hashes in Ubuntu With This GUI tool

Ever needed to check a hash against an .iso or other download but felt put off by using the terminal to do it? Here’s a simple GUI utility for doing so by the name of […]

31 August 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Countdown Script lets you know how many days until meerkat lands – directly on your desktop

Stat junkies & Ubuntu addicts who need to know exactly how many days remain until everyones favourite Meerkat scuttles into release-land may wish to consider the following small notification script, created by ironic-gnome. The countdown […]

6 August 2010
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Auto-update to the latest Dropbox Experimental builds with dbupdater

DropBox users who like to live on the bleeding edge using the latest experimental builds with the latest features probably find the checking, downloading and installation of every new build a little bit of a […]

12 July 2010
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Set your Desktop, GDM & Plymouth wallpaper as the same image

Want your desktop, GDM background & Plymouth boot image to match? Using gargantuo‘s Global Wallpaper script you can easily do so. Download Download the script @ Installation Extract the archive Open a terminal and […]

3 June 2010
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Handy Docky crash script Makes the bleeding edge Mum-proof!

If, like many, you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of Docky’s development you’ll more often than not find it crashes and/or hangs. Sometimes this requires you to manually kill it in-order to relaunch it. […]

6 April 2010
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Spatial Desktop: One Script, Ultimate Minimalist Desktop

Spatial Desktop is a theming script that transforms your GNOME desktop into a minimal and uncluttered space. Essentially  a combination of themes, applications and tweaks, it maximizes space by removing GNOME Panels, toolbars and applets, […]

25 November 2009
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One Click Install Of Adium Themes In Empathy

Oraerk on the Ubuntu Forums posted the following script, and i thought I’d share it with the wider world. It allows one click installation of Adium themes in Empathy through the Adium themes website; You […]

29 October 2009