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mutter-rounded on ubuntu 21.10

‘Mutter Rounded’ Gives Apps a Translucent Blur Effect on Ubuntu

It's a bit showy but I can't deny that I'm partial to a bit of translucency on the desktop. This patch for Mutter brings an opaque sheen to GTK apps.

25 January 2022

How to Change Ubuntu’s Login Screen Background

Want to change Ubuntu's login screen background? I walk through the steps for changing GDM background to a solid colour, gradient, or custom image.

21 January 2022
headphones emoji

How to Pause Music When Lock Screen Kicks in on Ubuntu, Linux Mint + More

Pause on Lock is a simple script that can pause music on Ubuntu when the lock screen kicks in. When you return to your desktop and log back in whatever you were listening to resumes, […]

1 August 2017
GNOME Layout Manager

GNOME Layout Manager Makes it Easier to Get the Look of Other OSs

Remember that neat GNOME Layout Manager script we sang the praises of a few short weeks back? Well, it’s now even better. Unity fans will be pleased to hear of improvements to the Unity 8 layout. The […]

22 May 2017
gtk themes smorgasbord

Install 24 Popular GTK Themes With One Command Using This Script

This script will install 24 GTK themes on Ubuntu, Arch and any other GNOME based Linux distribution straight from Git.

30 April 2017
gnome shell applications overview sorted

This Script Organises Your GNOME Application Launcher into Categories

This script automatically organizes the GNOME Application launcher into categories and folders, saving you from needing to create and add app folders yourself.

27 April 2017

This Script Sets Wallpapers from Imgur As Your Desktop Background

Pyckground is a simple python script that can fetch a new desktop background on the Cinnamon desktop from any Imgur gallery you want. I came across it while doing a bit of background on the Bit Day wallpaper pack, and […]

4 December 2016
how to text

Preview One Workspace While Using Another

Not everyone has room (or the attention span) for a multiple monitor set-up, and even if you do there are times when you may want to keep an eye on a workspace while working in another. You want, […]

9 November 2016
comic convert script

How to Quickly Convert Comic Book files to PDF on Ubuntu

Want to convert crb or cbz to PDF on Ubuntu? Reader Rumesh986 has created a simple bash script that does exactly that.

2 October 2016

This Simple Script Instantly Improves the Look of Unity Desktop

Want to disable or turn off the background tiles on the unity launcher? This nifty little script lets you do exactly that.

29 August 2016

Analyse Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Ubuntu With This Script

Wifi signal strength can vary from room to room so knowing where the best spot to pitch up when snagging the latest 1.5GB Ubuntu .iso is valuable information. There are several apps available on Linux that […]

7 August 2016
nautilus logo

Streamline Your Workflow With These Nifty Nautilus Scripts

Nautilus is a powerful file manager, and by using its built-in shell scripting feature you can really level it up further.

18 July 2016