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Samsung Z1: World’s First Tizen Phone Launches in India

The first Ubuntu Phone will launch next month, but it's not the only new mobile upstart trying to bring new experiences to our pockets.

14 January 2015

Samsung Unveils First Tizen Smartphone — Should Ubuntu Be Worried?

The very first Tizen-powered smartphone is to go on sale in Russia later this year.

2 June 2014

Samsung To Preview ‘New Tizen Devices’ Ahead of MWC In February

Samsung is to preview a selection of new Tizen-powered devices later this month, just days before the 2014 Mobile World Congress kicks off.

27 January 2014

The Samsung U1000 Ubuntu Phone Isn’t Real

"Samsung are making the first Ubuntu Phone!" screams the subject field of the latest e-mail to arrive in the OMG! tips inbox, "...and this is what it looks like!"

9 May 2013

Ubuntu Touch Preview Up & Running On Samsung Galaxy S III

We all knew it wouldn't take long for eager developers to get the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview up and running on non-Nexus hardware. Enter Ubuntu touch on the Samsung Galaxy S3...

22 February 2013
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Samsung Remove Ubuntu Logo From Galaxy Ad [Updated with video]

Seeing the Ubuntu logo sailing alongside hundreds of Android App icons in a TV spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II was a strange, but not unwarranted, sight to begin with. But Uncle Sammy appear to have had a change of heart; a 'new' version of the same advert is running in India with one small difference: no more Ubuntu logo.

8 August 2011
Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS hands on; we review Samsung’s first Chromebook

It's not often that a laptop fills a particular purpose gracefully, and Samsung's first laptop running Google's new Chrome OS does a pretty good job. However before you read on, you should first set your expectations. Laptops running Chrome OS, or Chromebooks as they've come to be known, aren't designed to replace your main laptop or desktop computer. They're not targeted at people who want to do everything and anything with a personal computer. They're specifically designed for certain tasks, and they handle these very well, but sometimes you'll be left wondering why obvious features are missing.

15 July 2011
Ubuntu logo in Samsung Galaxy s II advert

Ubuntu Logo Appears in Samsung Galaxy S II Ad

The Ubuntu logo can be clearly seen on screen in the latest promotional spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone.

3 July 2011
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Ubuntu running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Splashed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab but miss the familiar trappings (or should that be tappings :P ) of Ubuntu? Rejoice! Two users over on the XDA forums – which is a breeding ground for […]

19 November 2010
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How-to Install Ubuntu on the Samsung Vibrant

Over the last few months we've seen plucky hackers porting Ubuntu to run on a slew of various devices - from iPod Touch to the Google Nexus One. Add the Samsung 'Vibrant' Android phone to this ever-burgeoning list thanks to jzero88 on the xda-developers forum, who has posted an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for owners wishing to add some 'buntu love to their device.

4 November 2010