We all knew it wouldn’t take long for eager developers to get the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview up and running on non-Nexus hardware.

Enter Ubuntu touch on the Samsung Galaxy S3:


The work of Rootzwiki forum member ‘Thunderstorm‘, Ubuntu Touch for the SIII isĀ built from the official source code with, he says, ‘minimal cherrypicks’.

But while Ubuntu Touch can be installed, booted and used on the device it’s apparently not an entirely fluid experience. Fellow forum member LLStarksĀ installed the build on his Galaxy s3 but described it as ‘[feeling] buttery at times and a brick wall at others.’

Still, for one day post source code drop it’s awesome to see the Preview up running on “unsupported” hardware already..

Further details can be found in the Rootzwiki website thread.

Ubuntu Touch for Samsung Galaxy S3

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