It didn’t take me long to cave in and buy some of the (very cheap) new Ubuntu sticker sets we mentioned a few days ago.

Admittedly this was, in part, because I spied that the sheets contained some neat circular Ubuntu logo stickers that seemed to be an appropriate size to cover the Windows key on my keyboard.

Ubuntu Stickers36 Stickers

The sticker set comprises of three sheets of 12 stickers.

The 12 stickers are the same on all 3 sheets and consist of 7 round logos in varying sizes, 3 rectangular full logos, again in varying sizes and two ‘squarer’ stickers that look particularly neat in place of “Powered by windows XP” etc style stickers.

There are no lozenge shaped stickers as previously available.

Ubuntu Sticker on my EeePC

As noted above my main reason for buying the stickers was to slap some Ubuntu loving on my keyboard.

My Windows key.

I asked OMG! Ubuntu! twitter followers whether I should go with Orange or White and they tweeted overwhelmingly in favour of orange.

My Ubuntu key

Much nicer! Not that I can think of a single time when I have made use of the Windows Key



I also decided to replace the Ubuntu sticker on the back of my EeePC with a sexy new-style one.

white on eee

Annoyingly the stickers are rather opaque allowing for the turgid ASUS logo underneath to peek through.

I still have a slew of stickers left – What can one Ubuntuize next? Hmmm….

New style Ubuntu stickers are on sale now in the Ubuntu Store.

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