Reader Dexter S. was watching TV when a commercial for ‘Fruit Loops’ cereal flashed up on his screen with a rather familiar face in tow…

Although fleeting, the gaudy animated commercial for an overly-sugared cereal appears to show Tux, the official Linux mascot, displayed rather prominently for a split second or so.

An intentional inclusion? Who knows. I’ve made a few enquiries but — call it a hunch crunch — I doubt I’ll hear anything back.

But, wishing to confirm his sighting, Dexter hopped on to YouTube to try and find the commercial itself, and to see whether anyone else had noticed it. He was in luck, finding the video we’ve helpfully embedded below…

See whether you can spot the Tux penguin:

Fruit “Tux” Loops Cereal” via Dexter S, Tipform

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