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cumulus Qt weather app on Ubuntu

Cumulus Qt is a Lightweight Weather App for Linux

Cumulus Qt is a Qt weather app for the Linux desktop. It's lightweight, has a bold, striking design inspired by Stormcloud, and is very customisable.

28 April 2017

This Theme Makes Qt Apps Feel at Home on GNOME

There are plenty of excellent Qt and KDE apps that GNOME avoid using simply because they don’t like the way Qt apps look on their GNOME Desktop. Well, that excuse is about to expire. Adwaita-Qt is (as you might guess […]

22 April 2017

fman is Cross-Platform Dual Pane File Manager

If you’re looking for a dual-pane file manager available for Linux (or macOS or Windows) look no further than fman. fman (sic) is pitched as “modern file manager for power users”. It has a clean design, runs quickly, and its […]

27 March 2017
feed the monkey rss reader

Feed the Monkey is an Open-Source TinyTinyRSS Desktop Client

FeedTheMonkey is an open-source desktop feed reader for the open-source TinyTinyRSS service.

12 March 2017
kde kube mail app

Kube, a new KDE email/PIM app, sees first tech preview release

KDE Kube mail is new email app for the KDE desktop, and has just made its first official release, albeit as a technical preview.

5 March 2017

Peruse Is a Neat Comic Book Reader for KDE Desktops

Mcomix is my go-to comic book reader for Ubuntu, but for my KDE desktop I wanted something that feels more at home in the Plasma experience. After a bit of digging I came across Peruse. Peruse Comic Book […]

22 February 2017

Trojita Is a Super Fast Desktop Email Client for Linux

We go hands on with Trojita email app on Ubuntu, seeing how it compares to Thunderbird, and show you how to install it on Ubuntu, no PPA required.

22 February 2017
browsing by album in babe player

Babe Is a Promising New Qt Music Player

I use KDE Plasma a lot more these days (thanks to KDE Neon) and so far I am really enjoying it. Like many, I also prefer to run Qt apps on a Qt desktop, and GTK+ […]

13 February 2017