A lot of folks love using Bing’s image of the day as their desktop wallpaper — a task that the app featured below makes very easy on Ubuntu.

Now, this idea isn’t new; I think it’s written about every Bing wallpaper app ever created at one time or another, from cron job to scripts to GNOME Shelll extensions and more.

And on paper BingWall looks no different: once installed it lets you download Bing’s featured photo and set it as the desktop background on your Linux desktop.

So far, so same-y.

But this app has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it a touch more useful and versatile that similar tools I’ve mentioned in the past.

Bing Wallpaper App for Ubuntu

One big bonus of this Bing wallpaper app over others available is that it’s up-to-date, working, and maintained. A lot of the Bing wallpaper tools i’ve featured on this site have been buggy or simply failed to keep pace with Bing API changes.

BingWall boasts a simple, straightforward UI (that it has a UI at all is important as many similar utilities run in the background with no visible indication) that is says it is designed for the GNOME desktop, but is built in Qt.

The app lets view the Bing wallpaper of the day for ten different countries (the image on the homepage differs based on your location).

  • View the Bing wallpaper of the day for 10 countries
  • Downloads wallpapers and save them in accessible location
  • Browse/set wallpapers from inside the app
  • Dark theme support

Pretty solid feature set, I reckon.

You can install BingWall on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above via the Snapstore by clicking this button:

Install BingWall on Ubuntu

Alternatively, you can install BingWall on Ubuntu by running this command in a new terminal window:

sudo snap install bing-wall

Once installed, launch BingWall to browse through the various Bing images of the day and set them as your desktop wallpaper.

Thanks Jorge

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