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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

Last Development Update of 12.04 Today we saw the release of Ubuntu 12.04. It is the fourth release with long-term support and the 16th Ubuntu release. Lots of hard work went into this release, so […]

26 April 2012

10 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.04

So you've downloaded it, you've installed it, and now you're about to use it. But before you dive on in to explore, be sure to take some time out to follow our bi-annual rundown of the best post-install tips and tricks.

26 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Released, Available to Download Now

After six months of development the latest version of Ubuntu has been released. Head on inside for the low-down on what's new - complete with pictures, video and download link.

26 April 2012

Guess The Name of Ubuntu 12.10 And Win An Ubuntu T-Shirt!

Ubuntu 12.04 isn't even out but, y'know what? We're over it; t's all about Ubuntu 12.10 - the "Q" release - from hereon in ;) But what will its codename actually be? That question sounds like a ripe one for a competition - so guess the Ubuntu 12.10 codename correctly and we'll send you one of the super new Ubuntu t-shirts in whatever size you like!

19 April 2012
New Ubuntu backpack

Ubuntu 12.04 Merchandise Goes on Sale

Ubuntu 12.04 CDs, USBs, t-shirts and other goods have gone on sale over on the Canonical store.

17 April 2012
gnome app menu support in ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 Adds Support for GNOME App Menus

The new application menus introduced to the GNOME Shell desktop are now supported in Ubuntu. Following the release of GNOME 3.4 last month, a wider number of GNOME applications have begun to make use of the one-button 'app menus'.

15 April 2012

Unity 5.10 Adds New App Install Animation, Minor Tweaks

Over the weekend Unity 5.10, the last major update to the Unity interface before the release of Ubuntu 12.04, landed in Precise. Primarily a bug-fix and stability update, Unity 5.10 brought with it a couple of notable 'new' things - including the final version of the 'Application Installation Animation'. This, developers hope, will assist new users in quickly locating apps installed through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

15 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update 17

We are almost there. Tomorrow language packs will be test-built. Next Tuesday we will hit the deadline for translations for language packs and from next week on Ubuntu 12.04 images of the release candidate will […]

12 April 2012

XBMC Eden Will Be Available in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

XBMC Eden, the latest release of the popular media centre app, will be available to install in Ubuntu 12.04 through the Ubuntu Software Centre - no additional PPAs necessary. This marks the first time that the package is available in Ubuntu without the need for additional PPAs or repositories.

11 April 2012

[How To] Make Unity 2D Launcher Icons Smaller/Bigger

So you want to change the size of the icons on the Unity-2D launcher? We've previously looked at a way of achieving this, but this involved the manual editing of system files - something that scared a lot of people away from finally having a solution to oversized launcher icons. Well, at least until now.

8 April 2012

15 New Wallpapers Land in Ubuntu 12.04

15 new wallpapers have landed in ubuntu 12.04. The package comprises of 14 winners from Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpaper Contest plus the new 'incrementally updated' default wallpaper (non-noise version).

5 April 2012
Ubuntu 12.04 Default Wallpaper

Ubuntu 12.04 Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 12.04 has been revealed in a bug report. In it Canonical design team member Otto Greenslade presents two version of the same background: one with added 'noise' texture and one without. 'I would of course prefer to use this one if at all possible,' writes Otto of the former design, although notes that its larger size may be a blocker to this.

2 April 2012