Ubuntu 12.04 might not have seen release yet but y’know what? We’re over it; it’s all about Ubuntu 12.10 from hereon in ;)

But what will its codename actually be?

That question sounds like a ripe one for a competition – so guess the Ubuntu 12.10 codename correctly and we’ll send you one of the super new Ubuntu t-shirts in whatever size you like!

We’ve had Karmic Koalas, Lucid Lynxes, Maverick Meerkats, Ocelots of the Oneiric kind, and a very Precise Pangolin so far – but ‘Q’? That’s a bit tricker…


  • Only enter once – multiple entries from the same user (IP-based) will see all of their submissions voided
  • Closing date for entries is Sunday 22nd April (barring the name being announced sooner, in which case a 12 hour cut-off will be applied to submissions)
  • Should the winning name be guessed by more than one person one winner will be picked at random from those who guessed correctly
  • Mail entries to letmewin [at] omgubuntu [dot] co [dot] uk 0r press the button below to open your e-mail client.

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