XBMC Eden, the latest release of the popular media centre app, will be available to install in Ubuntu 12.04 through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

This marks the first time that the package has been available in Ubuntu without the need for users to additional PPAs or repositories to their systems first.


The credit for the support goes to XBMC and Debian developer Andres Mejia, who took up the job of getting XBMC Eden into Debian, from where it’s been synced into Ubuntu for 12.04.

The XBMC blog explains: –

“In the past we have been unable to make it into Debian as the sheer size and complexity of XBMC made the review process so difficult, so Andres, an XBMC developer who was working to become a Debian Developer already, volunteered to maintain it himself. Yesterday, his Eden packages were accepted.

For those unclear about what this means, Debian unstable users will now be able to install XBMC without using any third-party repositories.”

XBMC Blog via Mark

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