The new application menus recently introduced to the GNOME Shell desktop are now supported in Ubuntu.

Following the release of GNOME 3.4 last month, a wider number of GNOME applications have begun to make use of the one-button ‘app menus’.

The official GNOME wiki describes their purpose as being to ‘…provide access to actions and options that are relevant to the application as a whole.’

GNOME App Menu

Amongst the newer GNOME apps taking advantage of these are Contacts, Documents and the web-browser ‘Web’. In many cases, such as with Web, menu options present in the GNOME App Menu are not be accessible through any in-app menus.

The good news is that Ubuntu’s own App Menu fully supports GNOME ‘s new menus, thanks to the work of developer Ryan Lortie.

So if you’re using Web, Contacts or Documents in Ubuntu 12.04 you won’t lose access to any important options.

gnome app menu support in ubuntu 12.04

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