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Five Ways to Help Promote Ubuntu

Love Ubuntu? Help spread the word.

7 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Wallpapers That Aren’t Flowers Or Things That Look Like Flowers When Turned Upside-Down

Last week Weather-Indicator project member Cullen shared his favourite five images from the Ubuntu Artwork Flickr Pool (where users can submit photos, a dozen or so of which will make it into the default installation […]

3 July 2010
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Five Linux Equivalents of Windows-only Apps

Windows converts will find that many of their favourite applications are already available on Linux; Skype, Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, etc but there are many Windows staples that don’t have Linux ports. The applications listed below make perfect drop-in replacements.

2 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Wallpaper picks vying to make it into Ubuntu 10.10

One of the great ‘new’ traditions during an Ubuntu development cycle is the open submission of photos competing to win a place in the next default install of Ubuntu. The competition has a few more months left to go but Weather-Indicator projects’ Cullen has picked out his five favourite photos so far - and you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes in order to spot a few recurring themes…

30 June 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Retro Desktop Themes

With a move towards every sleeker, ever more visually animated desktop themes and GUI’s it’s easy to forget how far the themes we use now have come along in such a short space of time. With that in mind here are some retro desktop themes in case all the fancy-pants themes of today have left you longing for the BeOS styling's of yesteryear…

24 June 2010
Linux Mint's new file manager Nemo

Five Alternative File Managers To Nautilus

Daily 5 today briefs you, er, briefly on 5 alternative file managers to stock Nautilus. Dolphin If you’ve tried Kubuntu of late then chances are you’ve already encountered Dolphin – it’s the default file manager […]

15 June 2010
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Daily 5: 5 word processors

Everyone needs to use a word processor every now and then (how 80’s does the word ‘word processor’ sound? Hmm.) There are various ones to choose from – and not a fat deal of difference […]

13 June 2010
ASUS X54HR Ubuntu Laptop

Top 5 Apps Not Installed With Ubuntu

There are some incredibly useful applications that don’t ship with Ubuntu one for reason or another. Below I list my 5 of the best applications you might be missing out on! Pitivi – Simple Video […]

24 April 2009