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Five Facebook Apps for the Linux Desktop

Today our compendium of computing curiosities (commonly called ‘OMG! 5!’) sees us poke around in the software drawers of everyone’s favourite social network Facebook. Below you’ll find five Facebook-only notification applications for use on the Ubuntu […]

5 October 2010
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Five Docky tips for docky-diehards

Docky users seeking more control over how their Dock looks, behaves and functions will surely find a treat or two amongst the following five tips.

28 September 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Rhythmbox extensions

We list our five favourite extensible features for Rhythmbox in this weeks OMG! 5!

21 September 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five ways to make Wine apps feel native in Ubuntu

Applications running in Wine more often than not look like second-class citizens. That's no way to experience your OS - we're put together five tips for getting Wine applications looking, feeling & behaving like everything else on your desktop. In this OMG! 5! we take a look at five ways to improve the look and feel of Wine in Ubuntu.

1 September 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Monochrome App Icons

There’s nothing worse than an application sitting in the notification area of your system panel and sticking out like a sore thumb on the cohesive hand of your desktop. Or something more poetic. Below sit […]

25 August 2010
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Five tips, hacks and tweaks to get a Mac-like experience in Ubuntu

For all the 'ITSAMAC!!!OMG!!!1" sentiment flung in the direction of Ubuntu many don't think that it is 'Mac' enough. We've already covered turning your 'buntu box into a Windows 7 clone but attention turns to Microsoft's Cupertino-based rival and their popular OS X operating system. Here are five ways to make Ubuntu truly looking, behaving and feeling like a Mac.

11 August 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five ways to free space in Ubuntu

Whilst many users seem to have more HDD space than they can shake a stick at (what does that phrase mean?) others are often left with less than a few GB's free to live in. If you're the latter - and hell, even if you're the former - here are 5 ways to free up some disk space in Ubuntu.

7 August 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five CoverGloobus – the awesome desktop cover art app – themes

If you're sat looking a bit bamboozled by the name 'CoverGloobus' then where have you been?! The desktop Cover Art, controller n' Lyrics app is an application with no equal on Linux and no self-respecting eye candy lover should be with out it. Today's daily 5 looks over a handful of extra themes you can add to the art-rocking desktop display app...

20 July 2010
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Five Uses for an Ubuntu Live CD

Once you’ve installed Ubuntu from a LiveCD you might never give much thought to what else you could use it for. If so, then meet today’s Daily 5…

19 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Minimal Metacity Themes

To counterbalance the increasing amount of bright and shiny-buttoned Metacity's of late I present you with some sober minimal Metacity themes to install and enjoy.

11 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Elementary-Monochrome app icons

Elementary users wanting a consistent look to their notification area may find some of the following monochromatic icons perfect replacements for the unsubtle icons the applications mentioned ship with.

10 July 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five keys to press during burg boot

Everyone loves button pushing and beautiful boot loader BURG gives you a copious selection to choose from. Better yet they’re useful! Here’s our dandy high-5 list of five buttons to press during your BURG boot. […]

8 July 2010