Lucid Lives: 10 Apps Still Updated for Ubuntu 10.04

With Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 long since out, and Ubuntu 11.10 stirring up excitement with every update, it’s easy to forget that the 16 month old Long Term Support release of Ubuntu 10.04 remains installed on many a users computer.

But there are a number of applications that provide their latest versions for Ubuntu 10.04 users, and in this post I’ll highlight 10 of the very best applications still loving the honourable Lucid Lynx.

Our Top Five Ubuntu Store Items

We all love a bit of branding right? (“Cows say no” – the world)

Canonical have a tonne of ready-made merchandise readily purchasable from their on-line store. Whilst the cost of postage in the store doesn’t come cheap, you are allowed to treat yourself sometime…

Below are my favourite five items readily available form the store.

Five Terminal Commands Everyone Should Know (as chosen by you)

Reader Raiyan mailed in with an idea for an article a few weeks back, titled ‘Top five commands a new-comer to Linux should know.’

A great idea, but we all have different ideas about what makes a must-know command. So I took to the @omgubuntu twitter account to ask you – the readers – what five commands would be in your top five.

After the jump are the five most suggested commands by you – the OMG! Ubuntu! reader.