Everyone needs to use a word processor every now and then (how 80’s does the word ‘word processor’ sound? Hmm.) There are various ones to choose from – and not a fat deal of difference between then but nevertheless here is a selection of 5 to choose from.


The lightweight GNOME Office word processor AbiWord is an ideal candidate for simple word processing needs. Billed as “suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.” is has most features your likely to need for writing letters, CV’s or quick notes.image

AbiWord also allows you to collaborate with multiple people on a document at the same time via the AbiCollab.net web service. AbiCollab lets you store documents online, allows for easy document sharing and can perform format conversion.image

Google Docs

If you’re always connected online (and who isn’t these days) then Google’s online office suite Google Docs presents a viable & convenient alternative to desktop based solutions.image

The online word-processor is speedy, can handle most file types – including Microsoft Office formats – and offers up a bevy of common task-orientated features. Like AbiCollab – but more advanced – Google Docs allows users to collaborating in real-time with other users on documents. image

OOo. Writer


The default word processor in Ubuntu – and for good reason. OOo Writer is much more capable than the previous entries on this list making it a prime candidate for the power-user and is pretty much on a par with Microsoft Word feature wise.image


KDE office suite ‘KOffice’ comes packaged with the word processor ‘KWord’. KWord is a functional and capable word processor that, whilst lacking the advanced features of OpenOffice.org’s Writer, has a unique text-layout scheme based on frames thus allowing for complex graphical layouts incorporating text, graphics and more to be easily achieved.image

Zoho Writer

Another web-based word processor, Zoho Writer offers many advanced features such a sharing and collaboration, blog posting and offline support. image

Zoho web suite links can be installed in Ubuntu. Note that they launch in a new browser window and require an internet connection.image

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