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‘Rnote’ is a Freehand Note-Taking Tool Built in Rust & GTK4

We go hands on with the Rnote freehand note taking app for Linux desktops. It's fast, stable, and a lot of fun to use. Plus, details on how to install it.

16 January 2022
Linux Mint Sticky Notes

Linux Mint is Working on a New Sticky Notes App

Linux Mint is working on a new sticky notes app. It lets users put Post It style notes on their desktop to show reminders, to-dos, and other tasks or notes.

1 October 2020
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NvPY Is an Unofficial Simplenote App for Linux

If you're a Simplenote user looking for a way to keep on top of your to-dos in Linux, try nvPY — an open-source note-taking tool with first-class support for the service.

3 September 2014
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Looking for a Simplenote Linux App? One Could Be On The Way

Looking for a Simplenote Linux app? An official client could be on the way — but only if community developers skilled enough get involved.

25 August 2014
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Ubuntu Notes App ‘Springseed’ Adds Categories, Improves Dropbox Sync

It describes itself as a 'simply awesome' note-taking app, but development on Springseed has been 'simply slow'. Today it has received its first update in over six months.

14 February 2014

New Note-taking App ‘Springseed’ Debuts on Ubuntu

Looking for a new, lightweight note-taking app? Say hello to Springseed - a simple, lightweight note-taking tool written in Javascript.

26 July 2013

Add The New Google Keep App to Unity

This article will show you how to add Google's new Keep to Unity's launcher so that it runs free of Chrome and shows its own application icon.

3 May 2013

Ubuntu One Turning Off Tomboy Note Sync Late February

Tomboy note syncing through Ubuntu One will stop working at the end of February's, Ubuntu One have announced.

4 February 2013
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‘WebNotes’ – An Ubuntu One Notes App for iOS

If you're an iPhone user who uses Ubuntu One then the following new App might be of interest. WebNotes is a note-taking application for iOS (nothing special about that) that uses Ubuntu One as its sync service (something very special about that).

12 August 2012
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Handy Notes App ‘Nitro’ Adds UbuntuOne Sync

Handy note-taking app NitroTasks has added task syncing support in its latest release. The feature uses Ubuntu One or Dropbox to 'sync' your to-do lists across all of your computers on which Nitro is installed.

22 May 2012
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Ubuntu One Online ‘Notes’ Feature To Be Removed in Feb

Committed users of the 'notes' feature on the Ubuntu One website will want to make a note of 'February 28th' - it's the date that the handy feature will be retired from the U1 web interface.

5 February 2012
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Ubuntu Evernote Clone ‘NixNote’ Update Adds Minor New Features

Ubuntu Evernote clone 'NixNote' has been updated with a handful of new features. Install instructions and more info can be found inside...

11 October 2011