It describes itself as a ‘simply awesome’ note-taking app, but development on Springseed has been ‘simply slow’. Today it has received its first update in over six months.

Made by the folks over at Mintcode, Springseed provides a clean, clutter-free canvas for quickly creating, sorting and categorising notes, thoughts, pictures and other snippets of information. It is able to sync saved notes between computers using Dropbox, though this feature is optional and a Dropbox account is not required to use the app.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the nimble JavaScript app sees a total top-to-bottom code rewrite, better performance, and a handful of minor new features.

It’s now possible to resize the application window – something the initial release didn’t support, much to many users’ chagrin.

Notebooks now support ‘Categories’ – a new feature which I’m mentally renaming ‘chapters’. Categories allow notes to be grouped under a specific title. For example, a ‘Holiday’ notebook may have ‘vacation ideas’, ‘costs‘ and ‘activities‘ categories. Just click the ‘+’ icon next to the Notebook title in the sidebar to add a category.

For organisational ease, the app supports drag and drop of notes between notebooks and categories.

Change log:

  • Drag and drop notes between notebooks
  • Add categories to notes/notebooks
  • Improved performance
  • Improved Dropbox sync reliability 
  • Ability to resize window
  • Bug fixes

Springseed is an open-source application and available as a free download from the project website.

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