Linux Mint is on a mission to make sure you get your to-dos done!

The Ubuntu-based distro is scouting feedback on a new “Sticky Notes” app that’s being built as a side project within the Linux Mint community. The app is designed for Linux Mint though will presumably work elsewhere, just like Mint’s new Warpinator tool does.

Although in early development the app already looks the part. Visually it resembles a cross between the GNOME To-Do app Ubuntu ships with, and macOS’s long-surviving ‘Stickies’ tool.

And just like the latter you can plaster your Linux Mint desktop in brightly coloured Post It style notes containing your thoughts, reminders, notes, and other text. A tray icon lets you quickly hide (or reveal) them while you work.

The main app lets you create new “Post it” style notes, organise them into groups, and edit them.

Mint isn’t breaking new ground here. Tomboy (formerly GNote) has long offered similar features to Linux user, as a multitude of widgets, applets, Plasmoids, and GNOME Shell extensions have too. Indicator Stickynotes, for one example, is still maintained and works fine on modern Ubuntu desktops.

Mint’s not committed to shipping Sticky Notes by default just yet but it is inviting you to submit your thoughts, bug reports, or code contributions for the app through GitHub.

View Sticky Notes on GitHub

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