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A Beautiful New Banshee Beckons?

Since this is my first time writing for OMG! Ubuntu! I figured I would start by sharing a little something that excites me. Namely this mockup Mike Beecham presented in the #banshee IRC channel. Personally […]

22 August 2010
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Stunning Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by Izo

Sometimes I see a mock-up that is so beautiful I want to rob a bank* and fund its development. Take this wonderful Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by the highly talented Ian Cylkowski, better known to […]

2 August 2010
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Sezen meet docky. docky meet sezen. NOW MARRY Already!

The ever ace Seif Lotfy tweeted the following mock-up a wee while ago and, being both a self-confessed Docky Diehard AND a total Sezen head, my jaw was literally wedged open as an emphatic ”YES” […]

19 July 2010
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One users ideal Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Menu mocked-up

Earlier this week Ubuntu’s Community Super-dude Jono Bacon blogged his delight at the ongoing-progress of Ubuntu 10.10’s spiffy new Sound Menu. We, too, here at OMG! towers, have been going a bit gaga over its […]

13 July 2010
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Yet another proposed future for Nautilus

We’ve covered tweaks, add-ons, analysis, proposals and more when it comes to Nautilus. Garret LeSage’s design idea’s for Nautilus cover’s much of the same ground as some of the other analysis that we’ve looked at before, […]

24 June 2010
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The perfect File Manager?

We’ve seen a tonne of awesome re-designed Nautilus mock-ups, nautilus tweaks, hacks & add-ons, Nautilus critiques, rants & diatribes over the last few months. From a top-down view it could easily appear as though all […]

20 June 2010
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Awesome Lucid Mockup

An anonymous soul emailed me this mocked-up theme for Ubuntu Lucid. They provided some reasoning behind what you see: – The thing for me is that there are always little things that bother me with […]

12 February 2010