We’ve seen a tonne of awesome re-designed Nautilus mock-ups, nautilus tweaks, hacks & add-ons, Nautilus critiques, rants & diatribes over the last few months. From a top-down view it could easily appear as though all of this effort is merely a band-aid on a limb that needs amputating. Seif Sallam certainly thinks so  and has come up with his designs for the “perfect file manager.

Seif’s adds bravado to the reasons behind his designs: –

Nautilus Sucks, and there are lots of efforts to improve it. But in my opinion, this is one of the times that an application should be destroyed and start start from scratch.”

Seif’s Perfect File Manager

Nautilus, whether you love it or hate it, is a solid and dependable application that could do with a bit more love UI wise. It does look a little bit on the dated side and, well, feels like it too. So what does Seif propose the ‘perfect’ file browser should look like?

  • Minimal chrome = maximum room
  • Easily callable sidebars for meta-info, a traditional ‘sidebar’, a history panel & ‘horizontal list view‘
  • Zoom slider

The History pane certainly looks like a unique way to navigate – if a bit OTT.

Seif also has some excellent ideas on in-manager file previews, like this mock-up showing a video file being previewed within the browser: –

Check out the rest of the designs complete with further information on them @ seifsallam.co.cc/2010/06/how-file-manager-should-be.html

Pictures | Seif Sallam

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