Sometimes I see a mock-up that is so beautiful I want to rob a bank* and fund its development.

Take this wonderful Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by the highly talented Ian Cylkowski, better known to many online as Izo.

Izo mentions that the design is nothing more than a teaser for a vision he has been working on. ‘Crafting my imagination into vectors and pixels’ as he states on his DeviantArt account.

“Eventually, possibly in less than a month’s time, I will produce a full presentation on my site of my vision of the Ubuntu Tablet OS. I don’t know if it will be anything like what will one day be developed. But that doesn’t really matter.”

Ubuntu tablet edition

A rumour that Canonical were working on an actual Ubuntu Tablet OS edition did the rounds on various blogs a few months back. This wasn’t the case, and the notion was quickly quashed by Mark Shuttleworth who claimed that Canonical VP Chris Kenyon, who’s words were used as ‘evidence’ of a tablet edition, were simply misquoted.

*Not actual statement of intent, FBI. Tasers away.

Thanks to Laskie

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