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Ubuntu Unity Smartphone and Tablet Mockup

Canonical plans for Ubuntu to go multi-device, appearing on smartphones, tablets, TVs in addition to the regular ol' PC, aren't due to sneak out until Ubuntu 14.04. But Ubuntu user Ian Santopietro thinks you can't ever be 'too early' to start thinking about how the interface might look, and so presented his take on a multi-device Ubuntu's Unity interface to the 'Ayatana' mailing list.

8 November 2011
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Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 Designs Hint At Great Things to Come…

The Canonical design team are currently hard at work designing, testing, evaluating new layouts for the Ubuntu Software Centre version 5.0. Their work so far has resulted in three highly impressive mock-ups of Ubuntu Software Store interfaces heavily featuring an aggregated set of features that are par-the-course for Application Stores across various platforms.

15 June 2011
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This awesome Ubuntu Software Centre mock-up would get my custom

The current look of the Ubuntu Software Centre isn't as great as it could be. Department buttons are small, promoted items lack any information, and the general style of the centre just pales in comparison to other application stores.

18 May 2011
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Unity global menu mock-up: Proximity-based reveal

Reader Mark Tyrrell linked us to a bug report of his that proposes a rather slick solution for the Ubuntu 'Application Menu' reveal behaviour in Unity.

11 May 2011
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AWN ‘taskbar’ style proposed; docks to come full-circle?

Window Dock applications such as AWN, Docky and Kiba are often used by users seeking something with more visual pizazz than the traditional 'icon + text' window option present in the default GNOME-Panel. But what if the traditional way could also be made to look "sexy"?

27 March 2011
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Has the new Ubuntu One Control Panel raised the stakes in app appearances?

Has Natty's new-look Ubuntu One Control Panel raised the standard of how applications should look on the Ubuntu desktop? Reader Romeo Calota thinks so. He stopped by our inbox to share his 2¢ and some mock-ups on just how things could look that smidge nicer...

21 March 2011
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Six Conceptual Unity behaviour mock-ups

David Reichling has created a bunch of neat mockups of how Unity should behave, most notably around the Launcher and Dash button. He shared his ideas with me via Twitter, and I thought they were so cool I'd have to publish them on here.

14 March 2011
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This Ubuntu One Concept hides some neat ideas under option overload

As far as Ubuntu One has come over the last year there are things people think it could - or should - do better. I'm not sure that the 'everything bar the kitchen sink' approach, as ~usrnametaken proposes in his mock-up below, is entirely the right approach - but I can admit to running out of fingers counting options I see in the mock-up that I'd love to find available in the Ubuntu One Dashboard - particularly the inspired 'Ubuntu One Backup Service'.

16 February 2011
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Yet more LibreOffice UI mock-ups roll in…

More mock-ups for LibreOffice.

17 January 2011
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The weather indicator project revives; what might have been

The indicator-weather project has kicked back into life this week - meaning none of us need to go without 'weather-info-at-a-glance' on our desktop panel come Ubuntu 11.04. We were briefly involved in the development of the project last year and whilst our designs never made it into being, here they are to peruse at your pleasure.

16 January 2011
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LibreOffice Ribbon UI mock-up

Microsoft Office has it, OpenOffice may/will/should/was getting something similar - but what about its' fork LibreOffice? LibreOffice user by ~usrnametaken has mocked-up what it might look like, should LibreOffice ever go down the ribbon route.

16 January 2011
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Just give me my damn horoscope, Ubuntu

I'm addicted to reading my horoscope everyday. For real. Call me gullible or call me cool but it's something I've grown up doing and I'm too lazy to bother stop doing so now. But why do I have to get my astrological fix by running an OS X dashboard widget in Ubuntu?

16 January 2011