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firefox photon linux design

This is What the Firefox Photon Redesign Looks like on Linux

We finally have our first glimpse of what the Firefox "Photon" redesign will look like on Linux, and it may even support CSD.

18 May 2017

If Only Thunderbird Did Look Like This…

The Thunderbird email client is a great app, but its out-dated interface makes it a chore to use. Could a redesign reignite interest in it?

20 April 2017
Ubuntu GNOME Shell mockup

That Sleek Ubuntu Desktop Mockup Is Now A Real Working Theme

Jovan Petrović's stunning Ubuntu 18.04 desktop concept is now a real working theme for GNOME Shell, and it's available for you to download.

14 April 2017
Ubuntu GNOME Shell mockup

This Mock Up Shows Us What Ubuntu Could Look Like…

This stunning Ubuntu mockup gives us a glimpse at what the future could hold for the OS now that it is to switch back to GNOME as its default desktop.

13 April 2017

If Only The Real Ubuntu Boot Experience Was This Cool [Video]

Could Ubuntu's boot experience look slicker? One YouTube thinks so, and has created a video demo of his dream boot sequence.

20 August 2013

Ubuntu Touch Lock Screen Concept [Video]

Lucas Romero tweeted us his design concept for a lock screen he feels is more fitting of Ubuntu Touch. Check out the video demo inside.

4 July 2013

The Samsung U1000 Ubuntu Phone Isn’t Real

"Samsung are making the first Ubuntu Phone!" screams the subject field of the latest e-mail to arrive in the OMG! tips inbox, "...and this is what it looks like!"

9 May 2013
Placeholder koala image

Will the Ubuntu Phone OS Look This Good?

News on the fabled Ubuntu Phone is scant on the ground, so users are using their creativity to imagine how it might look.

12 July 2012
Placeholder koala image

Indicator Menus Re-Imagined – Unity-Style

Ubuntu's Unity interface has, to many, brought a refined and beautiful look to the often staid-looking linux desktop. And this is, largely, thanks to the colour co-ordinated Dash, Panel, Launcher and Notification bubbles; the well-tuned transparency balanced throughout; the attentive-accuracy of spacing, icons and hinting; the sleek login experience; etc.

24 April 2012
ubuntu tablet concept

This Ubuntu Tablet Design Could Almost Pass As Real

Drip, drip, drip. That was the sound my drool made as it hit the ground when I opened my inbox this morning and found this slick Ubuntu Tablet Concept by Deviant Art user spiceofdesign staring back at me.

29 January 2012

Ubuntu Unity Smartphone and Tablet Mockup

Canonical plans for Ubuntu to go multi-device, appearing on smartphones, tablets, TVs in addition to the regular ol' PC, aren't due to sneak out until Ubuntu 14.04. But Ubuntu user Ian Santopietro thinks you can't ever be 'too early' to start thinking about how the interface might look, and so presented his take on a multi-device Ubuntu's Unity interface to the 'Ayatana' mailing list.

8 November 2011
Placeholder koala image

Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 Designs Hint At Great Things to Come…

The Canonical design team are currently hard at work designing, testing, evaluating new layouts for the Ubuntu Software Centre version 5.0. Their work so far has resulted in three highly impressive mock-ups of Ubuntu Software Store interfaces heavily featuring an aggregated set of features that are par-the-course for Application Stores across various platforms.

15 June 2011